About Us

Champaine Wishes is a luxury home fragrance company that specializes in creating luxury scented candles and other scented items to assist in setting the tone in anyones home; all while complimenting the decor of the home. 

Founded by Champaine Abney, Champaine Wishes was created at a place in her life where things were unclear. She was trying to navigate between being a wife, mother, and uncovering who she was. In efforts to push forward through her journey of self discovery I created blog: A Toast to Champaine.
To help create a mood for her while she wrote, she lit a candle, and turned on music. It amazed her  how something so simple as a candle, and Neo-soul music could create an entire ambiance that took her out of my reality. She felt a sense of freedom and relief. In that moment she was just Champaine…
It then dawned on Champaine that she would like to create that same gift for others. The gift of a beautiful vessel that would compliment home decor, and a vivid fragrance that is sure to change the mood of any room. It was then that Champaine Wishes was born.
Each candle is specially handcrafted using a coconut wax blend and infused with designer fragrance oils.
Our mission is to create a vibe and enhance your decor; all while illuminating any space with our radiant glow and exquisite scents.